International Theater Stockholm offers a range of different improv classes in English to people from all over the world.  We provide a classroom environment where students will be challenged and inspired to grow and develop while having fun at the same time.

To learn improv, it is important that students feel:
• safe to take risks and make mistakes.
• encouraged to reflect on exercises and scenes during class.
• supported by a teacher with considerable experience in both performing and teaching improvisation.

Teachers are responsible for creating such a safe and generous class environment. Each teacher is also in charge of planning his/her class to reach the goals set in each class. All teachers at IT’S has considerable experience in both performing and teaching improvisation. To support teachers in further developing their teaching skills, IT’S organizes occasional workshops and get-togethers where they can discuss and exchange ideas.

In IT’S regular classes, students meet once per week in 14 sessions (The Level 1 Classes are divided in 1A and 1B running for 7 weeks each). Each session normally runs for 2-3 hours. In addition to the regular classes, IT’S offers occasional week/weekend/day-intensive classes taught by in-house and guest teachers as well as drop-in classes.


Core Classes
IT’S has 3 levels of core improv classes where students learn the basics of improv. Students are qualified to move up levels within the core once they have completed a previous level. A student has completed a class if he/she has attended at least 70% of the classes. So, if a student misses more than 4 classes in a 14-week course, he/she must take it again before moving up levels. A student can also choose to re-take a class at a lower level. We encourage students to do so since it helps them develop their improv skills more thoroughly.

Special Theme Classes
After completing the three levels – and getting their teacher’s recommendation – students are qualified to take a Special Theme class. Some of the theme classes may require additional experience, for example that students have completed certain other special theme classes. A student has completed a class if he/she has attended at least 70% of the classes. Examples of classes that we might offer are Intro to Longform, Characters and Genres, Brilliant Scenework, Games and Theatre Sports, Gorilla Theatre/Micetro, The Harold, La Ronde, Advanced Longform, Genre-Based Longform, etc.

Production Classes
IT’S also offers Production classes, which gives students more performance opportunities than other classes. In addition to performing at the regular classes, the course normally ends with 3 two-act shows. In production classes, students also get practical experience in show production as they take a bigger responsibility for marketing and organizing the behind the stage aspects. Students of Production classes are picked through an audition. To qualify for the audition, students must have completed the three levels of improv + have longform experience. Production classes generally puts higher demands on students in terms of participation compared to lower level classes.



Guest Workshops & Weekend Intensives
IT’S offers occasional workshops and weekend intensives taught by in-house- and guest teachers.

Drop-in Classes
IT’S offers drop-in classes for students who want additional practice. It doesn’t matter if students are beginners or advanced, drop-in classes are great for developing skills, getting more practice and playing with new people. Drop-in classes are also great for students who cannot commit to an entire course.


abf-stockholmMost of IT’S classes are carried out in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.This means that you will be registered as a study circle participant at ABF. ABF keeps your personnummer in their database – it never leaves their database.


Questions about IT’S classes and workshops?

Get your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions.