Who signs up for your improv classes?
Our classes usually attract people with different backgrounds, ages and ambitions, including people with acting experience/aspirations, people who want to become more confident public speakers, and people who wants to have fun, get in touch with their creative side, become more spontaneous, and meet new people.

I am not an actor and I have no experience at all in theater, can I still take a class?
Absolutely Yes! You don’t need any previous experience when you sign up for a level 1 class.

I have studied acting/drama with some elements of improvisation, which level should I start at?
We recommend that you to start at level 1 in order to learn the fundamentals of improvised theater. Skipping classes will in fact only slow down your development.

What can I expect from the classes? How do the different levels differ from each other?
Please read IT’S Curriculum for general information on the content of the classes. Generally, the higher the level the more coaching and feedback you will get from your teacher. Also higher levels generally involve a bit more talk and analysis.

How many classes at each level should I take before moving up a level?
You must have completed at least one course at a previous level before moving up. To complete a class you have to attend at least 70% of the course. So if you miss 4 classes in a 14-week course, you have to take it again if you want to move up levels. You can also choose to take more than one class per level even if you have completed it, or move down a level. By taking several classes at the same level you will develop your improv skills more thoroughly and get much more out of the classes. Also, different teachers have different ways of teaching and will give you different pieces of the puzzle. Each class is unique so you will never have to worry that it will be the same just because it’s the same level. Moving up levels too fast won’t make you a better improviser! Before moving up beyond level 3 you need your teacher’s recommendation.

Will I get the chance to perform in front of an audience?
Most of our regular classes include 1-2 performances for friends and family. In addition to the class shows, IT’S gives students opportunities to perform at Thursday Night Improv to experience what it can be like to meet an audience outside of class shows. Please note that all performers at IT’S whether students or professionals must comply with IT’S Code of Conduct for performers.

Do I have to perform in the class show?
You don’t have to do the class show, but performing in front of an audience is an opportunity for students to grow as improvisers and strengthen their self-confidence.

Do you offer other classes than improv theater?
Yes, and our ambition is to expand our focus to include more classes on acting, clown, stand-up and more. Check out our weekend intensives to see what we offer at the moment!

Do I have to speak perfect English to take a class with you?
Your English does not have to be perfect, but it should be at a conversational level at least.

Is there a minimum age for taking your classes?
Yes, we recommend that you are at least 17 years old for our classes. If you are 15 and older you can attend our drop-in classes.

I don’t have a personnummer, can I still sign up?
Yes you can! Just put None in the box.


Does IT’S have a Code of Conduct for performers?
Yes, all performers at IT’S, whether students or professionals must comply with IT’S Code of Conduct for performers.

What should I do if I am exposed to, or witness any harassment, bullying or inappropriate behavior in class or at IT’S events?
We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. Please tell us of any harassment, bullying or inappropriate behavior. You can talk to your teacher, the IT’S management or someone in the IT’S community that you feel comfortable talking to.


If I miss a class, can I make up for it by taking another class at another day/time?
No. IT’S classes rely on a safe group environment, which is harder to achieve if new students keep coming/leaving the class. If you want to get more improv classes you can sign up for drop-in improv workshops. Also, don’t forget to inform your teacher if you run late or will miss a class.

I know I will miss several classes, can I still sign up?
You can, but IT’S classes rely on group participation, and absences will affect your growth, as well as the growth of your classmates. We ask that you come on time and that you don’t miss more than a few classes per semester. If you know that you will miss several classes, talk to us before signing up.

I can’t commit to the full length of the course, can I sign up for a part of it?
No. We can’t stop you from dropping out, but you will have to pay the full class fee.

I want to try one class before signing up for a full course, can I just come and pay for the first one?
No. If you are not sure if you want to sign up, you can come to a drop-in class instead. We usually offer drop-in classes in the weeks before our regular classes start.


How do I pay the course fee?
Pay your class/workshop at least one week before it starts. If you sign up later than one week before the start of the class/workshop, please pay within 48 hours of your registration. Pay to BG 893-2782. Remember to write your name + which class/workshop you are signing up for in the reference/message line so we know who the payment is from.

Can I pay with Credit Card?
No. Unfortunately not.

Can I pay from a foreign account?
Yes. You will need our IBAN and BIC codes:
IBAN: SE38 8000 0832 7994 4251 1599

Can I pay the fee in instalments?
Yes you can pay in two instalments. You can pay the first one before the start of the class and the second one half way through the course. Send an email to and inform us that you want to pay in instalments.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes, we can email you an invoice. Send an email to

Will I get a confirmation once you have received my payment?
No. We will only contact you (usually within the first month of the class) if we have not received your payment.

I forgot to pay the course fee on time, does that mean you’ve given my spot to someone else?
No, you still have a spot in the class. Just make sure you pay the fee as soon as you can.

What if I need to cancel my booking?
To cancel your registration you must notify us by sending an email to at least one week before the class/workshop starts. Simply not paying your fee will not automatically cancel your booking! If you cancel your registration less than one week before the class/workshop begins, we will charge an administration fee of 500 SEK. For classes and workshops costing 500 SEK or less, we will charge an administration fee of 200 SEK. If you cancel your registration less than 48 hours before the class/workshop begins, you will still have to pay THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE CLASS. You can find IT’S payment and cancellation policy here.

What if IT’S cancels the class?
If IT’S should cancel a class or workshop, we will refund the entire amount paid for the class.

I registered but didn’t get an automatic confirmation email, am I registered?
If you don’t get an automatic email it could be for several reasons, that you entered an invalid email address, that the email is in your junk folder or that the registration didn’t go through. Check your junk mail and if you can’t find any email there, send an email to and ask! Most registrations do go through, but please double check with us.


What offers and discounts do I get as a student at IT’S?
We offer special deals and discounts to IT’S students. Our standing offers include:

Discounts: Current students get discounts on IT’S shows, T-shirts and Bags.

Early sign-ups: When we launch our regular spring and fall classes we usually have early sign-up discounts. Make sure you get the news of when our classes are launched. Sign up to our newsletter: IT’S News & Updates

Signing up for more than one class in the same time period: Sign up for two classes in the same time period (e.g. spring or fall class) and take 500 SEK off your second class. All you need to do is sign up on the website and when it’s time to pay the bill, just take 500 SEK off the price. This offer is only valid for our regular 8-14 week classes and week-long intensives. 

Recommending classes: If you get us a new student (who has not taken a class with us in the past year), you get a discount on your next class fee. For each new student signing up for a class costing 1 800 SEK and more, you get 200 SEK off. And for each new student signing up for a class costing between 800 and 1800 SEK, you get 100 SEK off. Make sure to tell your friend to write your name in the “how did you hear about us” field when registering for a class on the IT’S website.

Recommending Corporate Work: If you get us a corporate gig, we will give you two tickets to an IT’S show that you can use or give away. Make sure to tell your corporate friend to let us know that you recommended us.

*Please note that these offers and discounts cannot be combined with other offers.


I can’t get enough, I want to learn more and develop more as an improviser, what can I do?
See as many shows as you can! See the same improvised show/group several times, study different improvisers/actors on stage. As an IT’S Student you get discounts on our shows. Watch a lot of film and TV-series. Also, there are a bunch of great books and podcasts on improv that you can read/listen to and plenty of improv nerds to talk to. Make sure to join the IT’S Students Facebook Group – a forum for IT’S students to discuss improv, share ideas and plan fun events. Also check out the Visual Guide to Improv – a book written by IT’S co-founder Katarina Wahlberg together with illustrator and graphic designer Anna Harvard.

Can I volunteer at shows?
Yes you can! We need help with a range of different things at our shows and other events, such as setting up the venue, greeting people, selling tickets, taking pictures and more. As a volunteer you get to see the show for free and the first time you volunteer you get an IT’S T-shirt.

Can I intern with International Theater Stockholm?
Yes! We offer part-time internship positions in stage production, marketing, graphic design and more. If you are interested in volunteering your skills please check out our Internship page for available positions. Interns get discounts on IT’S classes in exchange for their work.

Does IT’S have a Facebook group for students?
Yes, all students are invited to join the IT’S Students Group – A forum where you can discuss improv, share ideas, post pictures, plan fun events and more.

What is a House Team and how can I join one?
IT’S House Teams are groups of talented and experienced improvisers who get to perform at IT’S Thursday Night Improv at café String. It’s a great opportunity for improvisers to get more experience in working together as an ensemble, building up an audience and performing in a professional setting. We have high expectations on House Team shows, therefore we carefully select House Team members through an audition process, where we look for both talent and commitment.

To qualify for the audition, students must have completed the core levels of improv classes (level 1-3). Students who are picked are placed in a house team of 5-8 people each. When we arrange new auditions, all current members of house teams who want to continue, must audition again. This means that if someone has been on a house team before he/she is not guaranteed to be picked again. We may choose to assemble new teams or keep the old ones.

Sometimes the house teams are trained and guided by a coach. The House Teams are also principally in charge of promoting their shows and building up an audience. IT’S will also help marketing through the website, Facebook, newsletter etc. If house teams do guest performances at other theaters and venues, they should promote themselves as a house team at IT’S. Any payment coming from gigs outside of IT’S goes straight to the house team.

How can I make sure I get the latest news first regarding your shows, classes, special offers and other activities?
Sign up for our newsletter IT’S News & Updates and Like IT’S on Facebook.

I love the class(es) I’ve taken with you, how can I express that?
Write a reference that we can use on our testimonial page 🙂

I can’t find the answer to my question, what do I do?
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