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Hlín Ágústsdóttir
“I must admit that for a long time I thought that it would be too much and too difficult to make such a commitment: A two-hour class of improv every week for 14 weeks. But! To my surprise I could come really tired and exhausted to class after work, and get totally renewed of energy after just a few minutes. It is so much fun! Challenging, yes, but that does not compare to the level of fun and joy it brings, the reward of rediscovering the world and myself through improv! The group dynamic was great, and the teacher, Hlín, is one of the best teachers I ever had, all categories. The classes where well structured and planned in such a way that we gradually could handle more difficult scenes without freaking out :-)! I almost sound like a Baptist pastor at mass, but if you try, you will see what I mean!”
– Åsa Henriksson

“Before starting the level 1 course of improv I barely had any experience within the field and I approached my first class with high anxiety. From the first minute, Hlín, our teacher made us all feel very welcome and safe. From the start we worked as a group to challenge our comfort zones and to fail while embracing it with open arms.
Every class was filled with laughter and Tuesday quickly became my favorite day of the week, a feeling that I was not alone with having. It also became one of the places where I felt I could really be myself. Hlín always found ways to make every class more challenging and fun than the previous, and she helped light a creative spark in me.
During the semester I developed a huge amount within improv and acting overall, and I also increased my self-confidence and I learnt a new way to view failure. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. No matter the previous experience or interest in improv, you wont regret it.”
– Nino Forss

“Hlín Ágústsdóttir is a wonderful teacher and her improv classes are now one of the highlights of my week. Not only is she funny and clever on stage but also that talent has translated very well to her teaching. She is able to create a safe environment in which you can learn and develop your skills while also having a good time.
I didn’t know much about improv before this course but now I absolutely love it! These classes have been a great experience; I learned how to be more confident, attentive and spontaneous, all while making friends and having fun. Hlín has a very enthusiastic and cheerful attitude, which in turn made us bolder and ready to be challenged. She is very observant of our strengths and weaknesses and always gives useful feedback. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!”
– Sebastian Radu

“If you doubt whether acting is anything for you? Not sure if you have the talent? Please do not worry and join a level 1 class with Hlín! She is a positive, patient and inspirational teacher who will create a safe environment for everyone to learn. You will find out what you’re actually already capable of and you’ll feel encouraged to try out new things! I had so much fun in every lesson because Hlín kept teaching us new games, adding levels of difficulty very gradually.”
– Ingrid de Laat

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Gregor Bergman
“Lots of fun and laughter, in a very friendly and relaxed environment! My improv singing workshop with Gregor was my first improv workshop ever, and although at times the singing challenges felt rather difficult, with Gregor’s (and other participants’) warm support I always came out feeling accomplished and more confident. Gregor is also a very skillful improvisational piano player, so quite competent as an accompanist to the singer(s) for keeping the energy up and running in delightful directions. All in all a really fantastic teacher.”
– Arash

Veronica Carlsten
“Veronica has the power to inspire and add confidence to a group, and at the same time notice and care for each individual at his/her level. She inspires you to challenge yourself and to take new risks in your work. I never felt so inspired and eager to work as I did after attending Veronica’s classes. And I accomplished things I didn’t think I was capable of. So if you get a chance to work with Veronica – do it!”

“Veronica and Katarina were super! Pedagogical, clear with a lot of experience and knowledge. At times when I felt I didn’t do very well, I was always encouraged and given spot on feedback”

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Åsa Dahlgren
“Åsa Dahlgren was my improv teacher for a couple of years and I can recommend her if you want development, inspiration and a happy time with improv.  Åsa helped us challenge our self and make us safe as a group. (After the courses we continued playing as an independent group). Åsa is always positive and supporting in her strivings to get the best of you and having fun at the same time, she is authentic and a great improviser herself. Lucky you to get her as teacher!”

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Jenny Elfving
“Jenny is a great teacher! Despite the fact that we have worked together only a short time, we all developed and learnt so much.” “A really fun time filled with laughter and new insights.”

“Jenny is very supportive and her positive attitude towards improv was contagious.”

“This class was a memory for life. I’m incredibly grateful that I took this class! My stage fright is gone!”

“Jenny has always been there for me when I needed help, and helped me to fulfill my goals”

“I have learnt so much and I also feel that I have evolved as a person and become more self confident”

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Josh Lenn
“If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Josh Lenn, don’t hesitate, just do it! It has helped me in more ways then I could imagine. After taking improv classes with Josh I feel like a new person.  It has made me look at everyday things from a new, more positive perspective. I’m more aware of the things that I do and the way that I act, and on top of that, I’m more aware of the people around me. I feel more confident and I have an easier time expressing myself.The energy that Josh brings to every class is out of this world, it’s contagious and his way of being makes each class a unique experience.It’s been such a great gift to learn how to accept things, not dwell when I fail, listen to others and how to really be a team player. Josh is a fantastic teacher, and if you let him, he will inspire you.”
– Jennifer Gardner

“The improvisation class with Josh Lenn has been a fantastic experience with a lot of laughter and joy. Josh has great energy and infectious humour which has me laughing and filled with energy for every class no matter how my day has been or what mood I am in. This class has given me the chance to challenge myself, push my boundaries and it has taken me on a wild emotional journey. I feel more confident and open, and less self criticising. It has helped me get out of my head and embrace my own ideas and creativity. I have enjoyed every second of this class!”
– Hlín Ágústsdóttir

“Attending the improvisation classes gives me a space for building many personal skills: spontaneity, creativity, team building, positive thinking, commitment. All of which I can apply every day at work. It is just such skills which I need to do well in a work environment where change, speed, and innovation are prioritized factors. Josh’s classes are FUN, professional, enthusiastic and always challenging in a good way.”
– Sue Cohen

“I have only one rule in acting–trust the director, and give him heart and soul. This class was awesome! I can state today that being on stage with all this wonderful, dedicated, fun loving group made things happen in a magical way! I had fun, learnt a lot about myself. I learnt to listen to others and to trust what you can do and what others can do too! Josh the director was a friend, not only directed us but was also open to all kinds of suggestions and we all tried to do our best! The encouragement and inspiration from one another was simply outstanding! I recommend this to everyone that wishes to travel into other dimensions of oneself!”
– Nisrine Hachem

“For the last 7 months I have been doing Improvisation theatre with Josh. During this time, I have experienced how a group of strangers have become an amazing team of friends who now trust each other, share a passion for expressing themselves, taking risks, daring to fail, using their imagination and creativity on stage, and who have so much fun together. It´s so rewarding to see that all of us just want to do more improv!  I realize how much better my life has become here in Stockholm and how much of it I owe it to Josh and to my improv friends. Now I can´t simply see my life without Improv. I have finally found a space where I can explore freely, where trust is the basic ingredient, failure is a gift, and creativity and playfulness are the only rules. It´s so amazing and such an unique opportunity being in class with Josh, who is such a passionate, talented and caring teacher!” 
– Sergio López

“Doing improv with Josh has been a great experience! I have learned how to really be present, how to listen and how to allow myself and others to be creative. I have also learned, by experiencing it from the inside, how really strong groups can be built. The best thing is that I learned these valuable skills while exploring new amazing and hilarious places on stage with my new made friends. Josh made this possible by creating an environment of total acceptance and trust where you dare to let go and take risks.”
– Alexander Samuelsson

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Sergio López Ramos
“Sergio is an amazing teacher with inspiring acting skills. The connection he creates in the class is very impressive. This makes it comfortable for everyone to express themselves openly, to be playful and to accept themselves and others as they are. That strong connection is key to Sergio’s teaching. I find the improv classes from Sergio as like mindful journeys to explore myself. He builds up confidence in our improv abilities in every class by providing different tools and by simply encouraging us to try and not to be afraid of failing. Just be aware, his classes might be addictive, as I have already done two levels with him 🙂 ”

“Sergio was my teacher for improvisation theatre level 1 and was an excellent source of inspiration for someone starting off in the world of improv! He is infectiously enthusiastic, patient with his students, and challenges them when appropriate. I am very happy to be continuing with improv level 2 under his lead. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher!”

”Sergio was the teacher for my first Improv class. I can honestly say, it was the best class I have ever taken. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the world of improvised theatre. Sergio’s energy and enthusiasm created a group atmosphere that gave me, in fact our group, the confidence and encouragement to really engage in the class. I believe my class became a very close group that in my opinion, even though we were beginners, performed really well on stage and off. This was certainly the feedback I got from the audience after stage performances.

Sergio not only taught me the fundamentals of improvisational theatre, he showed me how to stop being self critical. How to let go, have fun and of course, dare to fail. His critical feedback was always constructive and well received. An important trait in any teacher.”

“Before I had even started my first class at IT’S, I heard from everyone what a great teacher Sergio would be and I wasn’t disappointed. I took Improv 1 with him last fall and I think it was the best introduction to improv theater I could have hoped for. With a playful and seemingly never ending positive energy he would encourage us to play, be spontaneous and allow ourselves to fail gloriously. So if you’re looking to seriously get into improv or if you’re just in need of an afternoon playtime where you get to be crazy and “mistakes” are celebrated, you’ll have a lot of fun in Sergio’s class.”

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Eva Löfgren
“I’ve learnt so much during the course with Eva! Every class was around one aspect of improvisation and she would always come up with totally new exercises! I think we have grown a bit not only as individual improvisers but also as a group thanks to this course. And Eva herself is just such a nice and energetic person!”
– Aleksandra

“Eva is a wonderful teacher. She pours energy, courage and well-being into her group members. Always positive and caring, she still gives a lot of feedback. Even though improv is the main focus, Eva invests in the individuals and above all, the group.”
– Matilda Swahn

“I’m very happy that Eva started to teach for IT’S last fall and that I got the opportunity to have her as my level 3 teacher. Eva has extensive experience working with improv in Sweden and is very passionate about the art form. You can really feel this through the way she teaches and coaches the group and individuals with remarkable energy. Yes, her energy is a chapter of its own. She is always so positive and motivated that, even through the toughest days at work, I went home energized and happy after class. I highly recommend taking a class with her.”

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Tamara Maasdam
“I have loved every minute of Tamara’s classes and her teaching – how she so seemingly easy spot what is working and what is not and her suggestions for change that always are so clear and spot on. I really like all the teachers at IT’s – they all bring something unique and special that adds to the learning process. But during this semester I really loved having Tamara as a teacher because she helped me understand improv more thoroughly – why things work/and not/and what we can do to make things better – in a way I haven’t understood before. She gives so much of herself in the teaching process and it has been a pure delight to be guided by her. Feedback from her when improvising always feel so sweet and organic. In the past I have had a tendency to mentally block myself when being corrected on stage – even when someone does so with my best in mind. Feeling vulnerable and not enough – these kinds of feelings. But that never once happened this autumn with Tamara as a teacher  – I have just felt “yes and Aha! – oh! that’s the key”
So… Tamara totally changed me, from fearing feedback to loving it with your way of teaching. Thank you!”

“Tamara seems to have natural talent for teaching improvisation. Her classes are always fun and full of magic moments Me and my group had a really amazing time taking her course! We had many moments when we laughed to tears, but also managed to go deeper and had very touching and emotional scenes.
Tamara is very encouraging and really cares for everyone in the group. She finds a very good way to challenge you to develop further and gives great personal feedback and tips! She is also one of the most creative and crazy in a good way person I have ever met.”
– Tatiana Solodko

“A gifted performer and teacher, Tamara Maasdam created an exceptionally fun and open learning atmosphere for our Level 2 intermediate improv class. Supportive in every sense, Tamara has a good eye for spotting strengths and weaknesses, always offers concise feedback and challenges students to find new dimensions in themselves that they might not have known were there. I learned a lot in 14 weeks and had a blast doing it. I forged friendships with classmates that I’ll have the rest of my life and just as importantly grew to embrace the notion that failures really are gifts and that living in the moment is the best way to live  — on stage or off. Thank you Ms Maasdam! You’re a class act all the way — better than all of the acting instructors I had in my University days combined. I’d recommend Tamara’s class to anyone.”
– John La Briola

“I think Tamara did an exceptional job teaching this class. She managed to make this a challenging and ambitious class at a high level without taking the fun and joy out of improv, which may sound easy but must in fact be really difficult. She managed to create a warm environment where it was possible for her to give lots of constructive feedback with a personal touch and sense of humor without ever being harsh. What was also great was that she had a really sharp ability to see each individual student and give advice at a personal level rather than just in broad general terms.”
– Christian Svensson

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Eva Sunmo
“I took Eva Sunmo’s Just Write workshop. This workshop was exactly what it said it would be and more. I couldn’t be happier. Truly, Eva is some kind of angel/magician and her workshop has really brought writing back into my life in a big way. She has a really special way about her that felt supportive, safe and yet forceful enough to shake you out of your comfort zone and do some real work.”
– Sarah Hughes

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Katarina Wahlberg
“Except for being one of my favorite improvisers on the Swedish improv scene, Katarina has a fantastic way of inspiring and encouraging me in class. Her personality and deep knowledge have filled me with enthusiasm and helped me reach new levels as an improviser. She has an extraordinary skill in understanding and pinpointing students’ next individual steps of development and she gives feedback in a very safe and caring way.”
– Johan Lidman

“Katarina Wahlberg has been a great inspiration. Having her as a teacher during one year has enabled me to grow as an improviser and to gain confidence. She is a professional, bright teacher who always brings a lot of positive energy to the class. Her way of teaching makes the group feel confident and inspired to grow and to be challenged. She empowers you to take risks and develop your skills. It has been a great value to me having her this year. Don’t miss that chance!”
– Olivia Ahlström

“It was amazing to join a course with half the people having never seen improv theater before. Katarina created an environment for this diverse group to explore improv while building a collective identity. I became both a member in this great group of people, but also into the inspiring community of improvisers. Katarina put on display how gentle, positive coaching allows learning to flourish.”
– Brendon Clark

“Veronica and Katarina were super! Pedagogical, clear with a lot of experience and knowledge. At times when I felt I didn’t do very well, I was always encouraged and given spot on feedback”

“Katarina always has so much useful stuff to teach, so many ideas and suggestions on how we’re doing and what we should try. I really appreciate how she freezes the scenes and analyzes what is happening. I leave each class feeling like I’ve learnt a lot and that I have grown as an improviser. I no longer struggle as much with my self-confidence, which I’m grateful for. Katarina’s enthusiasm is contagious. The group vibe, support and trust have been amazing!” -Jennie Danehav“Katarina has helped our improv team reach a level I never thought was possible. She has the ability to spot our weaknesses and strengths and challenge us to make us grow as improvisers both individually and as a group in an amazing way. She gives feedback with respect and a real sense of what we all need to work on individually. She has helped me become a better improviser but she has also brought the entire group to something I feel is WOW. I have taken a lot of improv classes during the past six years and I find her unique in the way that she combines a very sound knowledge of the foundation and soul of improv theater, with a sensitivity to the individual and the group. I give her my warmest recommendations, having her as a teacher is a privilege you don’t want to miss!”
– Monica Lindqvist

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Mia Wallin
“I had Mia Wallin as a teacher in an improv class for actors and in each class I became braver and fewer barriers before getting up on stage. I also learned to trust my ability to be in the moment and deal with the situations that arose in the exercises. Mia has a way of teaching that makes you feel seen, motivated and safe to challenge yourself and take risks. I feel like a better actor in both improvised and scripted theater after the course with Mia!”
– Erika Svensson

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