Nov 182015

IT’S brings together people from different countries and backgrounds with a passion for improv, acting and creativity. Every single person has a moving and exciting story to share. Here is the story of Hlín from Iceland.

“I moved to Sweden in August 2013. The reason I moved was because I wanted a change of scenery, or that is what I told people. However the main reason I moved was because I wanted to take acting classes. I’m from Iceland and I’d lived in Reykjavik my whole life. When I was a kid I used to love to express myself through dancing, singing and acting. However in my adolescence I stopped taking care of my creative side, I got shy, less confident and scared to perform. But I always felt there was something missing. As I grew older I started trying out different things, from dancing to singing, from playing the piano to becoming a yoga instructor. All of it was very giving but it wasn’t enough. That had me thinking about what I found most challenging, and scary. And the answer was clear, acting.

Reykjavik being a small city there wasn’t much available for adult beginners in acting. I had friends in Stockholm so I decided to try my luck there. I googled for acting classes taught in English and I found a conversation thread where people highly recommended Josh Lenn’s improvisation class. I decided to sign up and it was the best decision I ever made. When I started those improv classes it changed my life. I felt like I was in the right place and I was meeting people that I easily connected with. These people became some of my closest friends today. With each class I could feel myself opening up more. I became less self-critical and started embracing my own creativity. I hadn’t felt this alive and such enjoyment since I was kid.

During my improv studies I realized that acting and improv is where my true passion lies. I did get scared to admit that I wanted acting to be a bigger part of my life than an after work hobby. But thanks to Josh’s and my friends’ inspiration and support I decided to change my course into acting. Now 2 years after I started improv I have been accepted to a drama school in LA and was granted a scholarship. I have also started teaching improv for IT’S and that has been such a giving and an amazing experience. I feel like I’m becoming more and more like the kid I was, free and happy; that is more and more like myself. I owe so much to improv, Josh and IT’S.”

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