Dec 022015

IT’S brings together people from different countries and backgrounds with a passion for improv, acting and creativity. Every single person has a moving and exciting story to share. Here is the story of Jennifer Gardner from Sweden.

I was born and raised in Stockholm and lived there almost my entire life. I grew up with a Swedish mom and American dad so you can say I grew up with one foot in each country. I went to college in America and after I came back I started working right away. Even though I enjoyed my job and my life I always felt like something was missing. A couple of years ago I started looking for improv and acting classes in Stockholm. I grew up surrounded my humor and always wanted to try comedy and acting. It’s been a dream of mine since I can remember, but I was always too scared to try.
For some reason I needed the classes to be in English and I found a class taught by Josh Lenn, but because of my schedule I couldn’t take it. It was tough for me to not sign up right away because it felt like this was something I needed in my life. But instead I put my job first and told myself that one day I would have time. I kept an eye out on when new classes were posted, almost like a little tease for myself. Something I wanted but couldn’t have at that time. A year later, in 2013 I had to slow down and find a place where I could express myself, and so I finally signed up.
It was love at first sight, and I was instantly addicted. I think I was meant to wait that year before signing up for class. I can’t picture my journey without some of the people in my level 1. The people I’ve met in my classes, including teachers, are some of my best friends today. They are people I instantly connected with and our connection just keeps growing. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. Improv has given me more then I could ever have dreamed of. I’m more confident and open to life and new experiences. I listen more, not only to what people say but also to everything around me. It’s almost like I used to miss out on things but improv has taught me to pay attention more. I live more in the now.
After a year and a half of taking classes with IT’S and being constantly inspired by improv and the people I met, I packed up my things and moved to Los Angeles to pursue improv and acting. I wouldn’t have done it without the support of Josh and my IT’S family.
I am currently taking classes 3-4 times a week, watching improv 7 nights a week and performing regularly with my improv team.
I think about IT’S every single day. I am so happy I was a part of it from the beginning and to watch the community grow makes me so happy. I know how much IT’S has done and is still doing for me and I want everyone to join so it can do the same for them!
It doesn’t matter how many other places I attend, IT’S is my home base, the place that made everything possible. Josh was my teacher and even though I’m not taking classes at IT’S currently, he will always be my mentor. I am forever grateful to IT’S, Josh, Katarina and all of my friends there. They made it possible for me to pursue my dreams. I am an IT’S-er for life!


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