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IT’S brings together people from different countries and backgrounds with a passion for improv, acting and creativity. Every single person has a moving and exciting story to share. Here is the story of Sergio López Ramos from Spain.

My name is Sergio López Ramos and I come from a small and beatiful town called Aranjuez, around one hour south of Madrid, in Spain.

If I were to define myself during my early years, I would say I was a little shy boy, kind of nerdie and a bit unsocial and introvert who spent much of his time studying at home and being a “good boy”! I remember I over and over promised my Mum that I would never leave her side, that I would never marry so that I would always be with her. Oh boy!

The first step I ever took towards becoming who I am today was at the age of 15, when I joined my first summer camp with the local social association. That summer I spent two weeks in Almeria, southern Spain, with other teeenagers from my town but also with many other kids who had migrated into the country from Morocco, Rumania, Guinea and other places. I believe It was then when I started to understand that I was a big fan of diversity and in some way, my international life started then. After that summer, I became a camp leader and entertainer and returned to the same location to work with these “teens” for many many years. I loved it, and I learned a lot. I really consider that Sergio, the one you may have met now, was actually born there, in those summer camps. By the way, that first summer camp also brought something into my life which I had never experienced before… The first time I fell in love!

I moved to Sweden first time when I was 21 as an international student. First time living abroad, away from my mum and away from my famly, friends & culture. The result? 16 months of pure joy, hard-work, multi-cultural exposure, first big-time-international-love and first big-time realization that I did enjoy an international life much more than I could have imagined! A world of cultures, languages and amazing people was waiting for me out there to be discovered … and so I did!

After my graduation, I returned to Spain and joined a multinational company and started to travel all around the world with work. 3 years with amazing assignments in so many places! Japan, Syria, Egypt, Denmark, France, Oman, Australia to name a few, plus a lot of trips with friends exploring Europe and Asia! I simply LOVED it!

After those 3 crazy years, I took the decision to return to Sweden and got a job in Stockholm, when I was 25. I thought at the time that it would be nice to spend 1 or 2 years in the same location, living abroad steadily and learning a 3rd language, swedish! And what happened? 😀 … Life happened!

I have been in Stockholm now for over 7 years and I can say that it’s been a beatiful although very tough journey. Adapting to a culture and a climate very different to your own, learning the codes, finding the people you like and make you feel home, taking decisions, letting go, and accepting that some things you can’t control, and you gotta say Yes, and …. it was through a “Yes, and” experience that I was invited to see Lost In Translation at Improco about 2,5 years ago with some friends from work … Amazing show, Amazing Cast, and an Amazing realization that a lot of my experiences & feelings during my years in Sweden were being shared on stage by these improvisers … I had to try it!

I have been part of the IT´S community since the beginning, in 2014. I took my first class with Josh and a group full of “strangers” and within a few weeks these people became an extraordinary part of my life moving forward. In class, we would learn to accept, to enjoy, to let go, to fail, to want to fail, to say Yes, and to work as a team. Outside class, we became friends!

IT´S and Improv have been one of the best decisions I have ever taken, and I simply cannot get enough of it! And that is thanks to people like Josh, Katarina, Jennifer, Hlin, Dave, Natalie, Can, Alex, Voo, Maria and so many-many others.

And by the way, I got engaged this year with a wonderful & fantastic swede who I love big time! So at the end, I guess it was not meant for me that I would spend all my life by my mum’s side, as I promised her over and over again. But I know she understood that already then… 😉

See you around IT’Sers!

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