Jan 282016

IT’S brings together people from different countries and backgrounds with a passion for improv, acting and creativity. Every single person has a moving and exciting story to share. Here is the story of Tamara Maasdam from the Netherlands.

I am Tamara from the Netherlands. I moved to Sweden in May 2014 and, like improv taught me, I did it without a lot of planning. I didn’t know anyone here and didn’t have a job or a place to stay. I decided to just book a one-way ticket and see what life would bring me. One thing was certain though, I would find myself a nice improv community as quickly as possible.

I’ve always been a very active girl. I had two main passions: creativity and sports. I would write little plays to perform at birthday parties, I took on any occasion to transform the living room into an art peace and at nighttime I told my brother improvised bedtime stories until he would fall asleep. And when I wasn’t doing anything creative I was out doing sports. I started running and really got into it. I was training a lot and participated in many competitions. It was serious business. When, a couple of years later, the doctor told me that I had to stop running, I felt completely lost. Years later I was still missing it so much and I still hadn’t found a proper replacement. But then, during my studies at the art academy, I discovered improv. When I think back, I’m glad that I was forced to stop running, because improv gives me so much more.
The exciting feeling of not knowing what will happen, of creating a story together, something volatile, something extra precious because you know that it’s a one-time thing. The magic when you create something beautiful, not just you, but together with your fellow improvisers and with the audience. There is a special connection with the audience when it comes to improv. They are part of the never-again experience and they are with you all the way.

People warned me that it’s really hard to make friends in Sweden, so when I moved here I was prepared for long months of loneliness. But I’ve not been lonely at all since my move. I signed up for an improv course at International Theater Stockholm and right from the start they took me in as a part of their family. This is a group of amazing people that I can not only have an incredible amount of fun with, they are also there for me through hard times. The amount of love and support within this community is amazing. IT’S my family.

I always had the dream to take on improv professionally, but I always hold back, afraid that I would discover that I’m not good enough. International Theater Stockholm gave me that confidence and support to really go for it and follow my dreams. I’m not holding back anymore. I recently started to teach improv I’m really excited to discover what else is to come.

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