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ola-aurellOla Aurell is a Stockholm based improviser and singer/songwriter. He spends most of his time singing somewhat peculiar comedy songs at stand up and musical venues across Scandinavia. As an improviser he has performed in Choklad, Epic Win-win, 1927 and Parmiddag at Improvisation & Co, and he is also part of the independent group Dramatiska. Ola makes habitual appearances on Swedish radio (P3), recently hoasting as Christer van der Kwast in the show “Sverige kan själv” (Sweden can manage on its own). His third album “Nordisk familjebok” (Nordic family book) will be released in 2015.

Jenny-BjörkJenny Björk is a freelance actress with improvisation as a specialty. Since training at Kulturama acting school 2002-2004, she has played revue in Åkersberga, started fringe theater group teater nea and performed in computer games. For two years she ran theater Improvisation & Co. with Robert Weitz and Anders Petterqvist. The improv audience knows her from the shows Choklad!, Action Impro, Skeppsbrottet and Magi. In Improv & Co. she has also taught a number of improv classes, held lectures and entertained companies. At Stockholms Improvisationsteater, Jenny performed in the show Guts and Glory in 2011. Jenny is a language geek and an eager observer of other people’s behavior. 

micke-blomqvistMicke Blomqvist is an actor educated at Calle Flygare theater school and Ballettakademin. He works at Junibacken and has worked with improv theater since 2002. In addition to IT’S, Micke has also been in the cast of Stockholms improvisationsteater, Improvisation & Co, Improverket and Presens. Micke worked for eleven years as an actor and director at Astrid Lindgrens World. He has played in farce, variety shows and commercials.

veronica-bergstrom-carlstenVeronica Carlsten has 17 years of experience in improv theater and is part of IT’S core ensemble. She has played in IT’S award winning show Lost in Translation since the beginning. She has also had lead and supportive roles in various tv-series, for example eight episodes of the popular comedy show “Inte Ok”, which was nominated for the national tv award Kristallen for best comedy show in 2016.


Olov Häggmark is an improviser and actor with over 14 years of experience. He is born in the cold and harsh environment of northern Sweden and has one foot in the storytelling tradition from Skellefteå, Västerbotten. In addition to performing at International Theater Stockholm, he has played with Stockholms improvisationsteater, Improvisation & CO., and Presens. Back home in Skellefteå he frequented the stage of the regional theater of Västerbotten for eight years. In Skellefteå he also performed Sälteatern, the theater company that made improv big in his hometown. He has also been featured on TV alongside Amy Diamond in the children’s TV show Bulldogg. Music is a big part of his life. He is currently the bass player of the melodic death metal band Terrortory. Their second full length album will hopefully be out sometime 2017.

josh-lennJosh Lenn originates from San Francisco, CA and has worked as a professional actor for the last 11 years. He has experience in theater, film, TV, commercials, voice over and video games. Starting his career in San Francisco, Josh studied at some of the Bay Area’s best institutions such as American Conservatory Theater and Berkeley Rep. From there he began to perform with established theater companies throughout the Bay Area. Josh moved to Stockholm in 2008, and became a member of Improvisation & Co. where he teaches, directs and performs. He created the hit show Action Impro, a fully improvised action movie. which was performed at Second City for the Chicago Improv festival in 2011. Action Impro II, the sequel, is currently running. His most recent show is Lost in Translation, which was a success from the beginning, has been playing for full houses for the last two years and is currently in season four. Commercially Josh has represented many global brands such as Jeep, Volvo, Intel, Ericsson, Gillette, Johnnie Walker, Carlsberg and many others. He has worked in film, TV and have major roles in some of the most popular video games Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, as well as many other video games. Aside from acting Josh’s true passion lies in helping other people express themselves fully through theater and to help them reach their potential. Participating in theater is a transformational experience and IT’S will be a place where be people can develop and grow. Check out Josh’s acting site.

Maria-LindbergMaria Lindberg Reinius is an improviser with 15 years of experience in Improv Theater. She is an experienced improv teacher and leads workshops for companies in creativity and team building. She has played Reflektioner with teater Katalysator, improvised drag shows at Stockholm pride festival and is a member of the improv group Fabriken. She has also played in theatersport games and improvised schlager festivals at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. She has a background in gender studies and has held improv classes with a gender perspective, including workshops in improvised drag. Aside from improv, Maria is a registered nurse and is writing her thesis on the life situation for people living with HIV in Sweden. She is also a singer and sometimes appears as a female version of Bruce Springsteen.

Annika Olsson is a Stockholm-based keyboard- and accordion player, with 20 years of experience in improvised music. Annika has a graduation from Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has also studied acting at Calle Flygares Teaterskola and Stockholms Elementära Teaterskola. Annika has performed at many of the leading improvisational scenes in Stockholm such as Sagolekhuset Junibacken, Stockholms Improvisationsteater, Impro & Co, Ad Lib, Improvisationsstudion and now at International Theater in Stockholm. When Annika is not on stage she works as a composer, conductor and music-teacher.

marcus-sturewallMarcus Sturewall is a freelance musician. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 2013, and has since then worked with his own projects and different kinds of gigs. He likes to write music to short movies and has a music-comedy duo called Mark & Porko. He has worked on Astrid Lindgrens Värld as a theatre musician for four years and this was also the place where he learned about the improv concept. He has worked as a piano teacher for 5 years but now he wants to lay all his energy on playing and writing music. He has played with the ITS-ensemble since fall 2015.
Anders Petterqanders-petterqvistvist has since his exam from Calle Flygare acting school in Stockholm in 2002 worked as an actor. He has been working much with children’s theatre and was program host for Swedish Televisions ”Barnkanalen” 2004-2005. Since 2005 Anders has worked more and more with improv. He has done improv entertainment and workshops for companies all around Sweden and played in improv on festivals around the world. 2008-2010 he worked full time at Improvisation & Co in Stockholm as an actor and as manager of courses on the theatre. Since then he freelances as an teacher and actor in improv around Sweden.

Katarina Wahlberg is an actor specialized in improvised theater. Her improv journey started in 2001 and through the years she has immersed herself into several different styles and schools of improv. She’s been a member of numerous house teams and ensembles at different theaters, including the Peoples Improv Theater (PIT) in New York, Stockholm’s Improvisationsteater and International Theater Stockholm. She has performed and taught everything from Harolds and short form games to narrative formats, genre-based long form and duo-work. In 2017 she co-wrote and published the Visual Guide to Improv – an illustrated handbook to improvised theater. And in 2014 Katarina co-founded International Theater Stockholm (IT’S), which has become an integral part of the international community in Stockholm. IT’S has won several awards including the People’s Choice Award for the Best Show at the Swedish Performing Arts Awards.


Mia-WallinMia Wallin is an actress from Värmland, now living in Stockholm after 11 years in Gothenburg. After graduating from Wendelsbergs Theater & School, she has worked as an actress and director at several different theaters. Mia has worked with improv theater for seven years. She played in Club Bingo, Way off Broadway och Vem Vinner Valet at Imroverket. In 2010-2011 she was the Artistic Director at GBG Impro, where she also performed in many shows, such as Oklippt, Ord, Zapp and Under Konstruktion. Mia has taught improv theater since 2008. She is particularly passionate about storytelling, musical improv and the magic moments on stage when nobody knows what will happen next.