Want to intern at International Theater Stockholm? Read more below about our different internships and how to apply.

About IT’S Internships

IT’S interns help out with stage production, marketing, social media, website coding and more. Read more about the specific positions below.

You’ll be part of the most fun, international and vibrant community in Stockholm! We don’t have any office space so you will be working mostly from home on your own computer or if you are interested in one of the stage management positions then you’ll be working at the venues where we have the shows.

We’re looking for people who can work independently and take initiative as well as being able to coordinate work with the other interns, the Head of School, General Manager and Artistic Director of IT’S.

Time commitment: The internship can be anywhere from a few hours per week to full-time, depending on your availability and your responsibilities. Let us know in your application how much time you are ready to commit. For the most part you will have flexible work hours. Depending on your area of responsibility you might be required to work certain evenings when we have shows etc. Otherwise you can plan your work according to your own schedule. Fall internships run from August/September through mid-December and spring internships from January until May/June. The exact starting and ending dates are flexible.

Reimbursement: All internships are unpaid but depending on how much work and skills put in, interns get discounts on IT’S classes and shows.

The discount on regular weekly classes depends on how many hours per week you work (on average):
• 2-4 hours/week – 25%
• 4-8 hours/week – 50%
• More than 8 hours/week – 100%
*Discounts on weekend- and additional classes: 15%
*Discounts can’t be combined with any other special offers or discounts (such as early sign-up or IT’S student discounts.)

Are you interested? Send an application letter to stating the following:
• which position(s) you are interested in.
• how much time you can commit, how many hours per week + starting and ending dates.
• why you want to intern at IT’S.
• what you think you can contribute.
• relevant skills & experience.
• If we don’t know you please also provide 1-2 work references (phone number and email address)





Manage all behind the scenes aspects behind the show, such as setting up and closing up the venue, selling tickets and making the audience feel super welcome.

Time Commitment:

You will manage at least 6-8 shows during the spring/fall. Working hours, approximately: 17:30-21:30. You can see the schedule here.

What We Are Looking for:

We are looking for people with great organizing and social skills. A passion for improv theatre or performing arts is a plus.




Manage all the preparations of the class shows, all behind the stage aspects (such as setting up and cleaning up, selling tickets, welcoming audiences etc.), and recruiting, training and managing volunteers.

Time Commitment:

You will manage 2 shows during the spring/fall. The job includes preparation work, planning the events, recruiting interns etc. as well as work during the events as well.

What We Are Looking for

We are looking for people with great organizing skills. Previous experience in organizing events or managing projects is necessary.




Manage IT’S social media channels, in particular Instagram and Facebook and create content for status updates, ad campaigns and more.

Time Commitment:

Flexible, at least 2-3 hours per week.

What We Are Looking for

We are looking for someone who is strategic, organized and creative, who loves taking pictures and work with social media. You need to be able to write short copy (in English) and have an understanding for the needs of a small business. A passion for improv theatre or performing arts is a big plus.