IT’S brings together people from different countries and backgrounds with a passion for improv, acting and creativity. Every single person has a moving and exciting story to share. Here are some of those stories. If you want to read more about what students say about our teachers, check out our Testimonials.

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JenniferJennifer Gardner
I was born and raised in Stockholm and lived there almost my entire life. I grew up with a Swedish mom and American dad so you can say I grew up with one foot in each country. I went to college in America and after I came back I started working right away. Even though I enjoyed my job and my life I always felt like something was missing. A couple of years ago I started looking for improv and acting classes in Stockholm. I grew up surrounded my humor and always wanted to try comedy and acting. It’s been a dream of mine since I can remember, but I was always too scared to try. Read the rest of Jennifer’s story here!


Sergio López Ramos
My name is Sergio López Ramos and I come from a small and beautiful town called Aranjuez, around one hour south of Madrid, in Spain. If I were to define myself during my early years, I would say I was a little shy boy, kind of nerdie and a bit unsocial and introvert who spent much of his time studying at home and being a “good boy”! I remember I over and over promised my Mum that I would never leave her side, that I would never marry so that I would always be with her. Oh boy! Read the rest of Sergio’s story here!

hlin-agustdottirHlín Ágústsdóttir from Iceland
“I moved to Sweden in August 2013. The reason I moved was because I wanted a change of scenery, or that is what I told people. However the main reason I moved was because I wanted to take acting classes. I’m from Iceland and I’d lived in Reykjavik my whole life. When I was a kid I used to love to express myself through dancing, singing and acting. However in my adolescence I stopped taking care of my creative side, I got shy, less confident and scared to perform. But I always felt there was something missing. As I grew older I started trying out different things, from dancing to singing, from playing the piano to becoming a yoga instructor. All of it was very giving but it wasn’t enough. That had me thinking about what I found most challenging, and scary. And the answer was clear, acting. Read the rest of Hlín’s story here!

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