hlin-agustdottirHlín Ágústsdóttir is born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. She moved to Stockholm in 2013 where she started taking improv classes with Josh Lenn. In addition to improv, Hlín has also studied Meisner Technique in Acting, Musical Improv and Complete Vocal Technique. Hlín is a member of IT’S House Team, the Pheasant Pluckers and she has been an intern at IT’S since the founding of the theater. Aside from being an improviser, she has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and before moving to Stockholm she worked as a mathematics teacher. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, and has a Grade 3 in Classical Piano. Hlín fell in love with improv mainly because it gives people the power to embrace their own ideas and creativity, to cultivate presence and to discover their own abilities. As an IT’S intern she is passionate about helping IT’S create a fun, creative, and friendly, international community in Stockholm.

veronica-bergstrom-carlstenVeronica Bergström Carlsten is a Stockholm based actress, director and teacher with fifteen years of experience in improv theater. She has been featured in various commercials and TV-shows such as Inte ok (TV3), Torpederna (TV4) and Familjen Holstein-Gottorp (TV4). She is also a licensed speech language therapist and has coached for several SVT productions such as Landet Brunsås and Niklas Mat. Veronica has performed in many improv shows over the years and is currently playing in Lost in Translation. In 2013 she performed at the New York City Improv Festival. Veronica is a co-founder of KreativitetsReboot, a company using improv methods to strengthen creativity, communication and cooperation in workplaces. Check out Veronica’s acting site.

Micke Blomqvist is an actor educated at Calle Flygare theater school and Ballettakademin. He works at Junibacken and has worked with improv theater since 2002. In addition to IT’S, Micke has also been in the cast of Stockholms improvisationsteater, Improvisation & Co, Improverket and Presens. Micke worked for eleven years as an actor and director at Astrid Lindgrens World. He has played in farce, variety shows and commercials.

erik-brostromErik Broström is a Stockholm based actor, improviser and musician. He studied at Calle Flygare Theater School from 2001 to 2003. Between 2004 and 2011, Erik worked as an actor at Junibacken in Stockholm where he played in numerous children theater shows. For two years Erik worked as manager at Improvisation & Co. Erik is artistic director and co-partner of Presens Nöje – an Improv Comedy group – who recently produced the popular shows My’s fredag and Tänk om. Erik has taught improv since 2006 and is a master in improvised singing.


Jenny Elfving is an actor, improviser and a high school drama teacher with a passion for gender equality. In addition to teaching drama and improv to teens she has taught numerous improv classes at Stockholms Improvisationsteater and Improvisation & Co. As a member of the independent improv group Dramatiska she has co-produced and performed in Improvised Tennessee Williams, Improvised Bergman, Improvised Woody Allen and Improvised Hitchcock. In March 2013 she performed with Dramatiska at the New York City Improv Festival. She is also the founder and producer of the Improv group Hybris, and plays for the 7th season in the improvised children’s show Sagogrottan. She can be seen in different commercials and as a crying woman in Roy Andersson’s film “A pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence,” which was awarded the Gold Lion award at the Venice film festival 2014.

Anders Fors performs and teaches improv around the world. He worked as the Artistic Director of Gbgimpro and as a teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. His workshops are based on his own methods, philosophies and unique ways of approaching improvisation with an aim of combining techniques from all around the world and to push the art form in new unexplored directions. His own formats are being performed at several places around the globe. Anders has studied improv at the IO in Chicago, the UCB and Magnet Theater in New York, Huge Theater in Minneapolis, Unexpected Productions in Seattle and at different festivals all over. Some of his teachers and influencers have been Randy Dixon, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Shawn Kinley, Jimmy Carrane, Rama Nicholas and more.


Josh Lenn originates from San Francisco, CA and has worked as a professional actor for the last 11 years. He has experience in theater, film, TV, commercials, voice over and video games. Starting his career in San Francisco, Josh studied at some of the Bay Area’s best institutions such as American Conservatory Theater and Berkeley Rep. From there he began to perform with established theater companies throughout the Bay Area. Josh moved to Stockholm in 2008, and became a member of Improvisation & Co. where he teaches, directs and performs. He created the hit show Action Impro, a fully improvised action movie. which was performed at Second City for the Chicago Improv festival in 2011. Action Impro II, the sequel, is currently running. His most recent show is Lost in Translation, which was a success from the beginning, has been playing for full houses for the last two years and is currently in season four. Commercially Josh has represented many global brands such as Jeep, Volvo, Intel, Ericsson, Gillette, Johnnie Walker, Carlsberg and many others. He has worked in film, TV and have major roles in some of the most popular video games Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, as well as many other video games. Aside from acting Josh’s true passion lies in helping other people express themselves fully through theater and to help them reach their potential. Participating in theater is a transformational experience and IT’S will be a place where be people can develop and grow. Check out Josh’s acting site.


Tamara Maasdam is born and raised in the Netherlands. She was hooked on improv from the very first show she saw back in 2007. Since then she has been an active member within the improv communities in the Netherlands and Sweden. In 2014 she moved to Stockholm and joined IT’S. In addition to teaching improv, Tamara is also an intern at IT’S. As an intern she works on marketing and organizing events. “Improv changed my life and I couldn’t imagine living without it. The thing I like the most about improv is that it’s a team effort. We have to take good care of each other to create magic. It’s exciting not to know what will happen and the moments I enjoy the most are the ones where we surprise ourselves as a group.”

Camilla Persson is an actor and director specialized in theater clowning and improv. She has a Master’s Degree in Physical Comedy and runs Dotterbolaget, a theater company that produces and performs clown shows for adults and children. Before Dotterbolaget she was the manager of Improvisation and Co for seven years and worked as an actor and teacher at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. Since 2011 Camilla has also been actively involved with Clowns Without Borders, an organization that sends artists to conflict zones all over the world to perform and play with kids. Through Clowns Without Borders, Camilla has had the honor to meet kids in orphan centers and refugee camps in Rwanda, Burma, Jordan and Iraq. She thinks that the work with different kinds of disciplines – clown, physical comedy and improv – has helped her develop as a performer and a teacher.

eva-sunmoEva Sunmo started improvising in Oslo 2005 and has been in numerous improv shows and projects since then. She has worked in Gothenburg at Gbgimpro and Improverket, and in Stockholm at Improvisation & Co where she still performs and teaches classes. Eva loves musical improv and character work. She runs her own independent improv group called Knallpulvergatan, an improv “lab” where group members try out whatever obscure ideas they have. Eva is also a drama teacher, director and playwright and has written and performed in plays in Gothenburg and Stockholm. At the moment she is studying script writing at Biskops Arnö.

katarina-wahlberg2014Katarina Wahlberg is born and raised in Stockholm, but spent almost ten years living abroad in London, Seville, Madrid and New York. Aside from being an improviser, she has a Master’s Degree in International Relations. For roughly ten years she worked on international development issues while taking improv classes and performing during evenings and weekends. Katarina did most of her improv training in New York. Between 2005 and 2008 she performed in over 100 shows at the Peoples Improv Theater in the ECNY-nominated improv team Fancy Dragon. Back in Stockholm she has performed in numerous improvised shows including Lost in Translation, Mission Improvible, Troubadour Tales and Lemonade. As a member of the independent improv group Dramatiska she performed in shows such as Improvised Tennessee Williams, Improvised Ingmar Bergman, Improvised Woody Allen and Improvised Alfred Hitchcock at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. Katarina teaches classes in improvisation and holds corporate workshops to strengthen cooperation, creativity and communication at work places.  She is a true improv nerd and loves witnessing how improv boosts people’s self-confidence and general happiness. For Katarina, IT’S is an opportunity to combine her passion for the performing arts with a hope to create a welcoming, vibrating and international hub in Stockholm.

Mia-WallinMia Wallin
is an actress from Värmland, now living in Stockholm after 11 years in Gothenburg. After graduating from Wendelsbergs Theater & School, she has worked as an actress and director at several different theaters. Mia has worked with improv theater for seven years. She played in Club Bingo, Way off Broadway och Vem Vinner Valet at Imroverket. In 2010-2011 she was the Artistic Director at GBG Impro, where she also performed in many shows, such as Oklippt, Ord, Zapp and Under Konstruktion. Mia has taught improv theater since 2008. She is particularly passionate about storytelling, musical improv and the magic moments on stage when nobody knows what will happen next.