International Theater Stockholm strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. Our Code of Conduct applies to all students and performers at IT’S.

  1. Help us to create a safe, supportive and friendly environment free from harassment of any kind. Treat your fellow students, performers and audience members with respect, both on stage and off stage. Speak up if you feel at risk or witness any harassment, bullying or inappropriate behavior. 
  2. Depicting violence on stage such as slapping, kicking, dragging, carrying or holding someone in a dangerous manner, requires proper training and clear agreements within the group about safety and boundaries. Without sufficient training, students and performers are not allowed to engage in stage fighting or any activity that is unsafe.
  3. Respect each other’s physical boundaries. Always be aware of any signs of discomfort in a fellow player and cease the behavior that is causing discomfort. Stay away from inappropriate touching or removing clothes. We strongly encourage all groups performing at an IT’S stage to discuss their boundaries of physical intimacy before performing together, for example whether you are ok with kissing on stage. If you have not had the discussion, you cannot assume that your fellow player is ok with physical intimacy.
  4. Make your partner happy. Make them look and feel good – on and off stage. No improviser should feel pressured to do a scene, or put up with behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  5. We do not allow drug use or excessive drinking before attending a class or performing.

What to Wear

  1. We strongly encourage all performers and groups to have some thought behind what they wear on stage. Whether you all dress up in a certain style, coordinate outfits or go for a smart dressed-up look, it will lift your show. Just, please don’t look like you don’t care at all. Also, consider wearing clothes that won’t limit you physically on stage. Avoid anything too revealing. For example, you might want to wear hot pants under skirts/dresses and tank tops under low-cut tops.
  2. If you are attending a class or a jam, it’s good to wear something that you are comfortable in and that won’t limit you physically or is too revealing if you need to crawl on the floor or something similar. Most of our workshop locations require that you take off your shoes, but you are welcome to bring your inside shoes.