The Visual Guide to Improv

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The Visual Guide to Improv is  an illustrated guide, filled with images and easy-to-use tips for example on how to develop scene work, improvise a longer format and edit scenes. The book also gives a crash course in classic storytelling, how to build heroes, villains and create a dramaturgic curve. It includes tips on how to use genre work – ranging from action and romantic comedies to Ingmar Bergman and Alfred Hitchcock.

The authors: 
The Visual Guide to Improv is written by Anna Harvard and IT’S Co-founder Katarina Wahlberg.

Price: 290 SEK + shipping costs * 
* If you want to avoid shipping costs, you can buy the book at IT’S events for 290 SEK.

“The Visual Guide to Improv is a wonderfully presented treasure chest of improv jewels for performers of all levels. It’s easy to read and digest, and the great illustrations are both fun and add clarity to the points being made. A must-add to your improv collection. Congrats to Katarina and Anna!” – Tim Orr, BATS Improv & Improv Playhouse of San Francisco

“This book is like improvisation itself – it’s clear, full of surprises and sexy! I think you should have it at home and open it every time you need a boost of inspiration. Even if you just open a random page – ideas will follow!” – Inbal Lori, 3Falling, Click & the Lorilees

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