Mixer Show November 18

In the Student Mixer Show, we are mixing up all our students from different levels for the chance to perform with each other. Bring along your friends and enjoy a Sunday filled with a variety of acts that will make your belly ache from laughter.

Show date:  Sunday November 18
Pipersgatan 4
50 SEK
Tickets will be sold at the door (cash only)
The schedule will come closer to the date

Class Show December 9

On December 9 all students of International Theater Stockholm will get on stage to end the season with a big Bang! This show is guaranteed to give you a fun afternoon filled with laughter. There will be three different acts. For 50 SEK you can see all three acts. You can also join during one of the intermissions.

Show date:  Sunday December 9
Location: Pipersgatan 4
Price: 50 SEK
Tickets: Tickets will be sold at the door (cash only)
Schedule: The schedule will come closer to the date




Footprints – Production Class Show June 1-3

Follow the footprints. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Watch your step. If the shoe fits. What does it all mean? IT’S Production Class welcomes you to the completely improvised show Footprints.