Our stories are what connect us. This show is inspired by the real life stories of immigrants and their journeys from uprooting themselves in their home countries towards creating a life in Sweden. Just like in the popular storytelling series The Moth, a true personal story is told live. But, where the stories end, the improv begins. This unique combination of real life storytelling and improv takes the audience on a journey filled with emotions and laughter.

Director: Josh Lenn
Assistant Directors: Rebeka Lapos and Ellen Rosdahl
Cast: Jenny Björk, Micke Blomqvist, Veronica Carlsten, Olov Häggmark, Josh Lenn, Maria Lindberg Reinius, Katarina Wahlberg
Musician: Marcus Sturewall

Listen to the Immigrant Stories podcast to hear some of the stories that have been told at different Immigrant Stories shows.