#1: The story has to be a true story as remembered by the storyteller.

#2: The story needs to be about your life, and you need to be one of the main characters in it. If there are other characters in the story, names and characteristics are helpful for us.

#3: You have to be ok with donating your story to the show and yourself as a main character in whatever happens next. Your story will inspire the improvisation that comes next, and we will do our best as performers to honour your stories and your lives. However, because the show is improvised we cannot guarantee happy endings. If you feel that you will take it personally if things do not work out the way you want them to, then please do not donate your story to the show.

#4: You are not allowed to read off a script or have notes during the performance. Please know your story inside and out so you can enjoy telling it and connect with the audience. Please tell it as if you are talking to a bunch of close friends at a dinner party. We strongly advise you to rehearse on your feet out loud many times before taking the stage.

#5: Each show will have a theme. The story needs to relate to the theme of the show in some way.

Fitting in
Letting go
Home sweet home
Making friends
Love in Sweden
Working in Sweden

#6: Make sure your story has stakes. What did you stand to gain or lose? Why was this story important for you? If your story doesn’t have that it is not the right story for the show.

#7: Start with a strong first line. The first line should grab the audience and set up the stakes.

#8: End the story with a purpose. The story needs to be driven towards that last line. Make sure you know where your story is going before you take the stage and own it.

No no’s:

No stand up routines:
We love funny stories, but please make it a story.

No rants:
We do not want to hear you spew anger or negativity. Unless you are resolving it through a story.

No Fake accents:
Please be respectful of other cultures and accents. If it doesn’t work in your own voice, then please don’t tell it.

No disrespect:
Please do not disrespect other cultures, races, genders or sexual orientations. We do not accept or tolerate any forms of hate speech on our stage.

Need Inspiration? This format is inspired by The Moth