Are you an immigrant living in Sweden? Do you have a story to tell? International Theater Stockholm is looking for storytellers to tell their stories live on stage for our new show Immigrant Stories. You don’t need to be a professional actor, writer or speaker. We are looking for real people to share their real stories. 

Our stories are what connect us. Immigrant Stories is inspired by the real life stories of immigrants and their journeys from uprooting themselves from their home countries towards creating a life in Sweden. Just like in the popular storytelling series The Moth, a true personal story is told live. But, where the stories end, the improv begins. This unique combination of real life storytelling and improv takes the audience on a journey filled with emotions and laughter. 

If you are interested in being a storyteller on stage, please pitch us your story either by writing it out or recording it on your phone and send it to Stories have to be told in English and can be no longer than five minutes long. If you are chosen to perform your story on stage this fall, you agree to let IT’S audio record it and publish your story in podcast format. Please read our storyteller guidelines first. 

Any questions? Send an email to

Each show will have a theme. The story needs to relate to the theme of the show in some way.

Fitting in
Letting go
Home sweet home
Making friends
Love in Sweden
Working in Sweden