IT’S Presents: The National Theatre of the World’s – SCRIPT TEASE PROJECT. This show is a playwright’s dream and an actor’s nightmare! A local playwright writes the two first pages of a new play. The script is kept a secret from the actors until the play starts. All they will know beforehand is what costumes to wear and how to set the stage. The play starts with the actors cold reading the script for the very first time on stage in front of the audience. After reading the two pages the actors will drop the script and improvise the rest of the play. What happens next nobody knows…

Cast: Jenny Björk, Micke Blomqvist, Veronica Carlsten, Olov Häggmark, Josh Lenn, Anders Petterqvist, Maria Lindberg Reinius, Katarina Wahlberg + Musician Marcus Sturewall

About the National Theatre of the World’s Script Tease Project
The National Theatre of the World is a multi-disciplinary, Toronto-based, not-for-profit theatre company that creates exciting, provocative, and instantaneous theatre through the art of improvisation. The core members are Matt Baram, Ron Pederson and Naomi Snieckus. The Script Tease Project premiered in May 2011. This theatrical improvisation production was launched with top Canadian Playwrights including: Judith Thompson, Brad Fraser, Daniel MacIvor, Mark McKinney; as well as, American playwrights John Patrick Shanley and Woody Harrelson. They continue to produce and perform all over the world with their various shows. For more information go to: Follow us on Twitter: @the_NTOW