tg-finalists2016Looking for something fun to do during the week? Come check our IT’S students play in a fun and friendly theatre sports tournament. On 7 Wednesdays, 4 teams will battle it out to get a spot in the grand finale. The winning team will get to perform with Kat & Josh at Improv Comedy Live on December 13, 2017

This theatre sports tournament will take place on Wednesdays, at Improv Comedy Live – English nights. Come out and support our competitors!

Show Dates: September 20,   October 4, 18,   November 1, 15, 29,   December 13
Show Time: 19:00
Location: Café String, Nytorgsgatan 38
Tickets: 80 SEK on billetto or in cash at the door (50 SEK if you are a student at IT’S or Presens Impro.)

September 20 – In Sync – Trumpet Ponies
October 4 – IT’S + One – Alpha Monkies
October 18 – In Sync – IT’S + One
November 1 – Trumpet Ponies – Alpha Monkies
November 15 – In Sync – Alpha Monkies
November 29 – Trumpet Ponies – IT’S + One
December 13 – Finals with In Sync, Trumpet Ponies & IT’S + One!

In Sync:

Benjamin Garzon
James Jensen
Oscar Rusanen
Dalia Tiesyte

Trumpet Ponies:
Anne Bastian
Brendon Clark
Eduardo de los Santos
Göran Falemo
Taras Klaskouski

IT’S + One:
Nicolas Damgaard
Nino Forss
Lina Pickford
Manos Petropouleas

Alpha Monkies:
Sarah Bigot
Aisling Canton
Anna Gomez
Tatiana Solodko
Andreas Årström

Are you a student at IT’S and do you want to participate in the Spring Tournament? Read more & Sign up here. Deadline: September 7, 2017!