Improv Jams at Thursday Night Improv

Come and jam with some of the improvisers performing at Thursday Night Improv! After the show, we provide an open stage for anyone who wants to perform improv in front of a supportive crowd. Your experience level does not matter – whether you consider yourself an improv expert, a complete beginner, or anything in between, you are welcome! The hosts will mix and match players of different levels in a series of games, scenes and long form formats. 

Sign up to secure a spot

We normally have a limit of 10 participants. To secure a spot you have to sign up on location. We release the sign-up lists for each night’s jam at 19:00.


21:35 (after the show ends): Meet up on stage for a a brief warm-up and talk.

21:50-22:20: Showtime!

Dates & Location

Dates: To be decided. Some jams will be in English and some in Swedish.

Location: Bio Aspen, Hägerstensvägen 100A (T-bana: Aspudden)


Free for audience at Thursday Night Improv. 

Code of Conduct

Please read the IT’S Code of Conduct before joining a jam.