The Thursday Night Improv Ensemble is a group of improvisers from different theaters and ensembles who perform together at Thursday Night Improv at Bio Aspen.  International Theater Stockholm is a proud co-producer of Thursday Night Improv along with Presens, Improbotics and Teater Kung och Drottning. (The Thursday Night Improv Ensemble perfomrs both in English and Swedish.)

Micke Blomqvist

Micke Blomqvist is one of Stockholm’s most hired improvisers and has been in the cast of all of Stockholm’s improv theaters. Since 2015 he has been a member of the IT’S ensemble and in 2005 he co-founded Improverket in Göteborg. Micke also works in scripted theater as an actor, teacher and director. For many years, Micke worked at Astrid Lindgrens värld and in the Molière ensemble.

Erik Broström

Erik Broström …. 

Veronica Carlsten

Veronica Carlsten is an actor with 20 years of experience in improv. She has been a member of the IT’S ensemble since 2014, playing in shows like award-winning Lost in Translation, Immigrant Stories and Page One. She has also taught hundreds of improv classes and workshops. Veronica has had parts in TV-series such as Ture Sventon, Mirakel, Agenterna and Mer Panik i tomteverkstan.

Sofia Czinkozcky … 

Jenny Elfving

Jenny Elfving is artistic director of Improbotics Stockholm – the Swedish branch of the international, tech-loving improv-family Improbotics. She was a co-founder of Hybris and Achtung Improv, and has played in many other improv groups throughout the years, such as Dramatiska, Sagogrottan and Metafåren.

My Gudmundsdotter

My Gudmundsdotter

Anna Harvard has 20 years of experience in improv. She is a member of Dramatiska and the Survivor ensemble at Stockholms Improvisationsteater who both specialize in improvised genres. She teaches classes in improvised longform and storytelling and co-wrote and illustrated the Visual Guide to Improv – an illustrated handbook to improvised theater.

Tamara Maasdam is an improviser with an endless desire to explore new areas in improv with a love for both drama and comedy. She’s a founding member of the ensemble Paraphrase with which she has performed on stages across Europe. She is artistic director and ensemble member of The Mighty Improv as well as a member of the Survivor ensemble at Stockholms Improvisationsteater.

Anders Petterqvist

Anders Petterqvist … 

Maria Reinius

Maria Reinius is an ensemble member of International Theater Stockholm and Improbotics and loves to play improv with both humans and robots. She has over 20 years of experience in improv and worked for many years teaching improv at Stockholms Improvisationsteater. In 2019 Maria was part of the team that started up Bio Aspen.

Katarina Wahlberg is a co-founder and ensemble member of International Theater Stockholm. Since starting her improv journey in 2001, she has immersed herself into different styles and schools of improv. She’s been a member of numerous house teams and ensembles in Stockholm and New York. In 2017 she co-wrote and published the Visual Guide to Improv – an illustrated handbook to improvised theater.

Kari Wernolf

Kari Wernolf has worked as an actor and improviser for over 20 years. She runs the theater company Teater Kung och Drottning together with her husband Per since 8 years and they play improvised and scripted plays mostly for children. She has been part of several shows for SVT-Barn and she is probably most famous for the Poop “Kajs” in Biss och Kajs.

Per Wernolf … 

Viktor Öberg

Viktor Öberg …